How to boost language learning at home!

Are you keen for your child to learn a foreign language?

What if we told you that you can aid their journey at home with a number of simple steps!

In early infancy, research shows that passive exposure alone is sufficient enough to enhance the ability to distinguish between certain sounds and aid their language learning! So why not pop on some foreign music or cartoon shows for your little ones and let the magic work!!

children learning languages and having fun

Below are our top picks for 0-6 year old's:

1) The exciting CBeebies programme The Lingo show where you will find a range of activities in various languages.

2) If you're interested in Spanish then Super Simple Español's songs and cartoons are fantastic! But be warned, the songs will get stuck in your head all day - The Hola song is a personal favourite of mine!

3) TroTro is an adorable animated French cartoon, based on a little donkey. Each episode is only around 4 minutes and has been translated into various other languages - available on you tube.

4) Finally, if you love a good story why not try The Italian Experiment! They have turned familiar traditional tales such as Little Red Riding Hood into easy to follow stories read by native speakers. Not learning Italian? No problem, they are also available in French, Spanish and German!

And there you have it! Our favourite at home free language resources to supplement our language through sport programme. Do you have any tried and tested online resources that you would like to share with us?

Let us know in the comments below!

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