Los Nenes ( 2-4 Years) 

Los Nenes ( 2-4 Years) 

Linguasport is the first of its kind, and is so much fun!

Our clubs gradually immerse your little ones in a foreign language whilst developing their vital movement skills such as agility, balance and coordination and developing their athletics skills. That is why we like to think that we are giving your child a head start in life.


Los Nenes is aimed at those just starting to explore languages and perhaps sports and introduces both of these skills in a fun - game based manner.  These classes are perfect for developing basic athletics movements, applicable to all sports and confidence building.

Key topics are:

- greetings

- colours

- numbers

- actions

- animals


The children won't even know they are learning!






Can you guess below what language...


Parent participation required

Weekly 50 minute class

Small class sizes





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