After School clubs 

We run weekly after school clubs in Liverpool and Birmingham at local village halls. Each term our sessions focus on one main topic and sport, in order to give children a broad range of skills making them better overall athletes and linguists .

The sports range from athletics to football and everything in between and each session will include drills or exercises to help your child improve their biomechanics and movement patterns.

Our ethos is simple- make language learning fun and accessible to all! By allowing children to immerse themselves in a foreign language whilst having fun, being active and making friends, they will pick up the language in a natural way and they won't even realise they are learning!  

Please click on the sessions below for more information:



Can't find a club near you?

Don't worry! We also hold virtual Language Through Sport sessions for those who are not local and still want to join in the fun!

These sessions last 20 minutes and can be done anywhere and cost just £2 per session.

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