Are you looking for  PPA cover at your school?

We have worked in a number of schools across Liverpool and Birmingham and have a range of teachers which will tailor the programme to suit your schools ethos . We have two programmes to choose from:















Our languages in schools are taught in a fun and innovative way to encourage children to enjoy and look forward to their language learning. 

Are you looking for lunchtime or after school clubs?

We offer both Language Through Sport clubs in French and Spanish and more traditional classroom clubs for both KS1 and KS2. 

In a classroom environment, we will explore books, songs, games and much more with the children in order to give them an all round language learning experience.

In a sports hall environment, the children will experience a new sport each half term and focus on a particular language theme or topic. Reading and writing skills are still incorporated via our innovative and fun games.

A more traditional, classroom based programme.

Our unique programme which combines languages with sports. 





Looking for a fun and engaging language session ?

Here at Linguasport, we dedicate ourselves to making language learning fun for all! We strongly believe that forming a positive relationship with language learning from a young age will influence your approach to foreign language learning later in life.

Our approach is simple: have fun! The early- years programme incorporates songs, games, sports, movement and much more, in order to inspire and engage our little linguists!