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Let us help you or your child achieve your language learning goals in a fun way!

We have a team of experienced tutors who would love to help you reach your targets, whether that be a grade in a language exam or ordering a coffee on holiday!


All of our tutors have language degrees and teaching experience and are trained to deliver the lessons according to our ethos- make language learning fun! because no matter your age, if you are enjoying yourself, you are more likely to retain the information.


Our current group courses are listed below and we also have one to one tuition slots available. 

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We offer 1 to 1 tutoring for KS1, KS2, KS3, GCSE AND A-LEVEL from £20 per hour.

We cater for all exam boards and all abilities.

All sessions are tailored to your individual needs and learning style.

Both our 1 to 1 and group sessions are also available online for all ages!

We use a range of teaching methods to keep pupils engaged virtually and learning.

We have found that students prefer this style of learning as they learn from the comfort of their own home!

Our small group sessions are limited to 6 students per class.

We have language groups for KS1, KS2, PRE GCSE, and GCSE level. 

These small groups ensure students master the basics of their level, give them an advantage over other students their age, meet new friends and have fun!

Our current group classes:

Monday            17:00:      Spanish GCSE (YR 10)
Monday            17:30:      Language Explorers KS1
Monday            17:45:      Science GCSE 
Monday            18:15:       Language Explorers KS2
Monday            20:00:     Spanish KS3

Tuesday           16:30:      French Year 6
Tuesday            17:00:     Year 5-6 Algebra
Tuesday           17:15:       French PRE GCSE
Tuesday           17:45:      French GCSE (year 10)
Tuesday           18:00:      KS3 Maths
Tuesday           19:15:        KS3 Science

Wednesday    17:00:      7+ Maths/ English Booster
Wednesday    18:00:     Spanish A-Level
Wednesday    18:00:     KS3 English: Essay Skills
Wednesday    18:00:      KS3 German
Wednesday    19:30:      Spanish GCSE

Thursday          17:00:      Spanish Through Sport KS1  
Thursday          17:45:      Spanish Through Sport KS2
Thursday          17:00:      KS3 Maths
Thursday          19:00:      Shakespeare English

Friday                  17:00:     Spanish GCSE
Friday                  18:00:     Spanish Year 8

Sunday               09:00:    French Through Sport KS1
Sunday               17:30:      Spanish KS3
Sunday               17:30:      Maths/ English Booster KS3
Sunday               19:00:    Latin KS3

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Our Classes

Language Explorers

- 40 minute sessions x1 weekly 

- A new language each half term

- Small group, interactive, fun sessions

Year 6 Languages

- Perfect for those who would like to have an advantage leading into senior school.

- 40 minute classes + small homework task x1 weekly

-Focuses on developing reading and speaking skills

KS3 Languages

- Perfect for those struggling to keep up with their chosen language at school.

- 40 minute classes + small homework task x1 weekly

- Focuses on developing reading, listening, writing and speaking skills

PRE GCSE Languages

- Perfect for those who would like to have an advantage leading into GCSE.

- 40 minute classes + homework task x1 weekly

- Focuses on developing all 4 main skills + grammar and will introduce some level 9 structures.

GCSE Languages

- Suitable for those in year 10 and 11 looking to improve or reach their target grade.
- Foundation and higher tier sessions available.
- 40 minute classes + homework task x2 weekly
- Focuses on developing all skills + exam techniques
- Secret exam tips and WOW phrases


Science, Maths, English

description coming soon..