Welcome to Linguasport!

Benefits of learning a language 

Learning a foreign language has an abundance of benefits no matter at what age you start!

 Below are our top 5 benefits to learning a foreign language:

1. Boosts brain power

 Languages all have unique and intricate grammatical and lexical systems which often differ from our own. Learning a language forces our brain to deal with the complexity,  developing key learning skills such as cognitive thinking and multi-tasking.

2. It is fun!

We believe that language learning should be and is fun! There is no better way to enjoy yourself and learn a new skill at the same time! 

3. Improves memory

Learning a new language requires you to be able to recall, manipulate and apply new vocabulary and structures to every day situations, giving your memory and brain a workout! 

Research has even shown it delays Alzheimer's and dementia symptoms!

4. Increases self confidence 

Knowing a second or even a third language gives you a competitive edge other others, whether it be at school or in the work place.

5. Broadens horizons 

A foreign language gives you an abundance of opportunities for work and travel, enabling you meet new people from all over the world and experience their culture.

What is Linguasport?


Linguasport is an innovative language school based in Liverpool, Birmingham and online. Our ethos is simple: make language learning fun!

We run several types of classes using a variety of teaching methods to ensure we get the best out of every student:

1) Language Through Sport

- Learn a language whilst also learning vital developmental and sporting skills.

- Each programme is designed by elite athletes and language teachers.

- Children won't even know they are learning!

2)  Linguasport Tuition

- Improve your language skills in a small group (3-6)

- 1 to 1 Tuition with tailored lessons